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3DFamily Smart Inspection Group Co.Ltd was established in 1996, focus on 3D laser scan reverse engineering, Successively developed multiple 3D laser scan system and 3D curved-surface editing software. Along with the growth of 3DFamily, we have established several product design and R&D center located at Taiwan, Nanjing and Shenzhen. Mainly dedicated to Opto-Mechatronics research, provide different image measurement instrument. In the meantime, order to fulfill customized requirement from well-known enterprises, we have developed a series of high-resolution and automated inspection instrument, leading the revolution in image inspection industry.


Our product combine traditional optics and latest image processing technology, widely used in mobile phone, automotive industry, Machine manufacturing, metal processing, mold , plastic, hardware, gear, home appliances and computer peripherals. With 20-year experience and latest AI technology, on connection with each industry, we provide not just accurate product database, but full quality control and classification, assist our customer in upgradation to Industry 4.0, improve corporate competitiveness.