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Good news from spring breeze, golden mouse welcomes Chinese New Year. At the joyful moment of new year, I, Hakiem Hsu, represent 3DFamily, thank all teachers and industry colleagues care about 3DFamily and Blessing all employee and their family. Wish everyone safe and sound, and 3DFamily Smart Inspection Group can well developing in 2020.


Since 3Dfamily established in 1995, we hold “ use technology as core competitiveness, create first class precision instrument and measurement technology brand” as our faith.


Looking back our journey of entrepreneurship, we always hold respect and creative as our spirit, encourage 3DFamily to become an enduring enterprise. 25 years of hard work, 3DFamily have create many wonderful moment one after another. We witness the growth and development of 3DFamily together, every improvement contains our hard work and intelligence. In recent years, 3DFamily have encounter ups and downs. Facing difficulties, we not only have endured multiple pressure, but gathering many like-minded people. 3DFamily have ambitious goals, down-to-earth and step –by-step, eventually we will meet the goals. History is a river that never ends, sometimes gentle breeze, sometimes roaring waves, we will overcome the struggle and our effort will be harvested.


I always hope 3DFamily could become an enterprise which improve the technology, contribute to industry, valuable to society and make employees happy. By persistency, lead 3DFamily become a first-class, admirable company. In recent years, 3DFamily follows the development of 5G and AI technology. Based on decades of experience about optical measurement and inspection, combine AOI & AI technology with big data collection and analysis, fully support Intelligent manufacturing systems.


Currently, 3DFamily focus on patent portfolio about AOI & AI technology. We have finish 14 patents application in 2019. Expecting to apply up to 30 patents in 2020. Also, we will release 3DF-VI, 3DF-AI and 3DF-VAI software recently, with industry-university cooperation, promote AI technology to different industries.

In 2020,3DFamily faces a new situation, I keep thinking what we can bring to our client, only to get rid of the weed and keep the flower of the leek help us become leader of the industry chain, guide the development of industry.

Lifespan depending on the perception of life and the value we created. If you living in the moment, doing something valuable, you will feel the eternity of life. Success will always belongs to people persist in their dream, 3Dfamily member should become a creative and perseverant person. Makes our life more wonderful and valuable, make more contribution to our society.

Last, we wish all 3DFamily members everyone safe and sound in the new year and wish 3DFamily for a better tomorrow.